It All Comes Down to Your Needs

Buying a new vehicle is never easy but at Dupont Ford we make sure to help you every step of the way.

We will answer all your questions and help you make difficult choices. For example, if you are hesitating between leasing and financing, we can help.

The final choice between buying and leasing is ultimately a question of needs, which is why Dupont Ford's team of financing specialists makes sure we understand your lifestyle before offering advice.

At Dupont Ford, we can explain the differences between the two options and help you choose the option that best suits you. Leasing is better for those who like to change vehicles frequently or who use their vehicle for work. It also gives you more affordable monthly payments.

Financing is better for those who want to keep their vehicles for a while or who travel thousands of miles a year. This is just a quick summary, of course. Visit us today at Dupont Ford and we’ll provide in-depth information and answer all of your questions.

It All Comes Down to Your Needs